Time From Flight Prev. Status
9:10 GENEVA F7011 / EY5397 9:23 Landed
10:00 ZURICH LX2902 / SQ2922 9:59 Landed
13:20 ZURICH LX2906 / SQ2916 13:18 Landed
18:15 ZURICH LX2912
20:00 GENEVA F7017 / EY5395
21:35 ZURICH LX2914
Time To Flight Actual Status
7:00 GENEVA F7014 / EY5393 6:57 Departed
7:20 ZURICH LX2903 / SQ2923 7:16 Departed
10:30 ZURICH LX2905 10:30 Departed
15:20 ZURICH LX2909 15:20
17:50 GENEVA F7018 / EY5394 17:50
19:00 ZURICH LX2913 19:00


General Aviation

Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the international airport of Lugano-Agno is in a strategic position: only 6 km away from the centre of Lugano, the 3rd financial market in Switzerland, and on the border with Italy, allowing easy and fast connections to Milan.

Lugano Airport offers fast tailor made services, from Aircraft Handling to Helicopter arrangements with a friendly and welcoming Mediterranean attitude and a first class catering.

Executive Handling is the official handling agent at Lugano Airport and organizes all the following facilities: 

  • Full service Handling

  • Embarking and disembarking pax and crew members

  • Hotel and Limo reservation

  • VIP Catering

  • Fuel supply (JET A1, AVGAS)

  • VIP Lounge and Crew facilities

  • Free WIFI

  • Crew transport

  • No slot restriction

  • One minute walking distance from parking to FBO

  • One Terminal, very easy and close to the apron

  • VIP parking adjacent to the terminal reservation

  • Ground Power Unit/Air Start Unit/Towing/Potable water/Toilet Service/Forklift/de-icing, and more.

Have you ever been to Lugano?
Have you ever considered choosing our airport?
Uncertainty on which type of aircraft can land in LSZA?

Lugano Airport offers every kind of service and is absolutely equipped for all type of business jets. 

If you are interested to operate to LSZA, please complete the handling booking form to reserve your parking.


Monday - Sunday 08.00 to 20.00 LT
Special AUTH can be granted from 07.00LT to 08.00LT or from 20.00LT to 22.00LT.


Monday - Saturday 06.30 to 21.00 LT
Sunday                  07.30 to 21.00 LT

Our contact:

E-mail gahandling@luganoairport.ch
Tel:    +41 91 610 11 16
Fax:   +41 91 610 11 19
VHF:   131.800 MHz

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