Time From Flight Prev. Status
7:50 GENEVA F7011 / EY5397 7:38 Landed
10:00 ZURICH LX2902 / SQ2922 10:00 Landed
13:20 ZURICH LX2906 / SQ2916 13:20 Landed
17:50 GENEVA F7017 / EY5395
18:15 ZURICH LX2912
21:35 ZURICH LX2914
Time To Flight Actual Status
7:20 ZURICH LX2903 / SQ2923 7:13 Departed
8:20 GENEVA F7014 / EY5393 8:13 Departed
10:30 ZURICH LX2905 10:30 Departed
15:20 ZURICH LX2909 15:20
18:30 GENEVA F7018 / EY5394 18:30
19:00 ZURICH LX2913 19:00



Placed in a strategic position 6 km from Lugano city centre and only 30 km from the border with Italy, Lugano Airport redefines the concept of contemporary mobility. From the car parking at only 100 mt distance from the Terminal to the check-in open up to 20 minutes before departure Lugano Airport offers a quick and pleasant travel experience.

Combining the Swiss tradition of excellence and perfection together with an atmosphere of Mediterranean hospitality, Lugano Airport is a real City Airport able to offer tailor made services for the needs of the different customers and personalised attention to the passengers.

With an annual turnover of 12 million Swiss Francs, 80 employees and a dynamic management, Lugano Airport covers an important role for the Insubric region.

The airport grounds are property of the City of Lugano and the management of the infrastructure is responsibility of Lugano Airport SA, whose shares are owned by the Tessin Canton (12.5%) and the City (87.5%).

The airport has an annual traffic of 200.000 thousand passenger. The daily flights with Darwin Airline and Swiss towards Geneva and Zurich as well as the codeshares with Star Alliance and Alitalia ensure a range of quick connections towards Europe and the rest of the world.


Lugano Airport's vision is based on strong values such as excellence, collaboration, creativity and reliability. We aim to become the main point of reference for the Insubric area in terms of regional transport, both business and leisure.


Lugano Aiport SA (also LASA) mission is for the Airport of Lugano-Agno to become the preferred choice of the clients of the Insubric Region thanks to the excellence of its services, the comfort and accessibility and by offering a range of aviation and non-aviation services in answer to the concrete demand of the catchment area.

In its role of airport operator, LASA promotes the development of the infrastructures and services of Lugano Airport in full compliance with the safety and security policies but also with primary attention to the human resources growth and the eco-sustainability of the surrounding environment.


Lugano Airport SA is actively working to develop further point to point connections towards the destinations that better answer to the catchment area's needs. At the same time it intends to maintain an agile and effective organizational structure in order to further improve the quality of the services and develop new strategies.


In the right hand side document section you can find the latest Lugano Airport SA organizational chart.

Board of directors of Lugano Airport SA

  • Chairman of the Board:
    Adv. Emilio Bianchi
  • Vice President:
    Adv. Giordano Zeli


  • Adv. Marco Borradori, Major of the City of Lugano
  • Hon. Claudio Zali, State Councillor, Director of the Territorial Department 
  • Dr. Luca Bolzani
  • Dr. Tobiolo Gianella
  • Hon. Daniele Casalini

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