Time From Flight Prev. Status
9:20 GENEVA F7011 / EY5397 10:13 Closed
10:00 ZURICH LX2902 / SQ2922 10:02 Landed
10:30 ELBA SLD801 7:58 Landed
11:50 OLBIA F7101 10:03 Landed
13:10 ZURICH LX2906 / SQ2916 13:14 Landed
18:15 ZURICH LX2912
18:30 CALVI F72416 Delayed
19:15 SION F7029
19:25 GENEVA LX2976
21:20 GENEVA F7017 / EY5395
21:35 ZURICH LX2914
Time To Flight Actual Status
7:00 GENEVA F7014 / EY5393 6:58 Departed
7:20 ZURICH LX2903 / SQ2923 7:11 Departed
10:00 CALVI F72414 14:10 Departed
10:30 ZURICH LX2905 10:37 Departed
11:00 ELBA SLD802 10:58 Departed
12:00 SION F7028 12:08 Departed
12:25 OLBIA F7100 10:33 Departed
15:15 ZURICH LX2909 15:19 Departed
19:00 ZURICH LX2913 19:00
19:45 GENEVA F7018 / EY5394 20:50 Delayed
20:05 GENEVA LX2977 20:05


Car & Parking

How to get here by car

You can easily reach Lugano Airport from Milan in 40 minutes with the highway A2 Milan-Basel. Take the exit Lugano Nord and follow the road to Ponte Tresa-Agno. The airport is 70 km from Milan, 30 Km from Locarno and Como and 20 Km from Bellinzona.


The combination of the easily accessible parking at only 100 m from the entrance from Terminal together with the convenience of the check-in open up to 20 min before departure ensures a quick and pleasant travel experience.

Long term parking

At Lugano Airport there is long term parking availability. Please note that there also two spaces for electric vehicles (recharging devices available ).Payment options are cash and credit card. Currently pre-booking is not available online.

Thanks to the intecom system at the exit and the cash points, you can get 24h help in case of a problem, when you have lost your ticket or if there are any other inconveniences. The facility is fully automated and monitored by video cameras.

Long-term parking tariffs (new rates from 15th May 2015)

Hours 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 5 6  
CHF 1.-- 2.-- 3.-- 4.-- 5.-- 6.-- 7.-- 8.-- 10.-- 12.--  
Days 1 2 3 4 5
CHF 30.-- 40.-- 55.-- 70.-- 85.--

There is also a short-term parking lasting up to 90 minutes

For every extra day, after the 3rd day, the charge is CHF 15.00. Please note that rates are subject to changes.

Lugano Card members: to enjoy the 15% discount at P1 passengers are kindly asked to go upon arrival to the check-in counter with the parking ticket and the Lugano Card. If the check-in counter is closed please contact the Supervisor with the courtesy phone. Passengers are reminded that to enjoy the discount payment must take place at check-in and retroactive credit for payments are not allowed.

Short term parking

Short term parking for a maximum of 90 minutes is also available.

Minutes 30 60 90
CHF 1.-- 2.-- 3.--

Please note that Lugano Airport cannot accept responsibility for any damage that may occur to persons or physical objects in the parking area, nor for the theft of vehicles, accessories or objects left inside the vehicles.

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