Time From Flight Prev. Status
7:50 GENEVA F7011 / EY5397 9:48 Landed
13:20 ZURICH LX2906 / SQ2916
17:50 GENEVA F7017 / EY5395
18:15 ZURICH LX2912
Time To Flight Actual Status
8:20 GENEVA F7014 / EY5393 10:20 Departed
15:20 ZURICH LX2909 15:20
18:30 GENEVA F7018 / EY5394 18:30
19:00 ZURICH LX2913 19:00


Public Transport

You can easily reach Lugano Airport also by train, thanks to the Lugano-Ponte Tresa Train Service (FLP) starting from directly opposite the main Railway Station in Lugano. From the stop at Agno you can reach the airport in 10 minutes' walk. The service is available everyday.

For further information on the timetable and costs kindly visit the FLP website:

Website: www.flpsa.ch/en.htm

Mon-Fri: every 15 minutes from 06:25 to 20:10
Sunday and Bank holidays: every 30 minutes

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